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I'm sitting here this new year trying not to eat the cookies on my counter. As many of you I'm sure, have made the same boring old resolution: loose weight in 2013. The cookies are my homemade peanut butter (easiest recipe ever, for those who are interested. Whoops! I forgot, never mind!) filled with walnutty fudge. (made from scratch, mind you). One of those would be perfect with my cup of coffee I hold in my left hand, because my right hand is free to take a cookie.
Now it is no longer just a cookie, but a foe, a foe in the now ensuing battle. I cautiously approach the front line and as I do, my foe looms larger and seemingly more delicious before me. Shouts of "Retreat, retreat!" are loud in my head. Now it is no longer just a cookie, no longer only a foe, no longer a simple battle: but now I am faced with this larger-than-life saga: The Colossal Cookie Combat of 2013.
A victory here represents a year of victories. A year of healthy eating, of slimming down size from size from size; it means enjoying a hot bod by my birthday in September. A loss here could be devastating, it could mean another year of fat pants and squeezing into my wheelchair without ease.
These cookies don't look so appetizing any more. I approach the front-line with confidence now, I have the plate of cookies in my hand..... And Bam! excellent! Into the trash they go!
Yaaaaay! I did it! Skinny jeans here I come!

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